45rfe pump

Posted: 10 years ago Quote
The transgo SK kit doesn't fix all the 45rfe TC limit Valve bore. Learned that the hard way. Truck was appling lock up in 1st and rev would kill engine. Got the TC limit valve reamed problem fixed.
Posted: 10 years ago Quote
That is exactly right about that torque convertor limit valve. This, as you have seen, is a high wear item in that particular pump. We have not yet added the 45RFE pump to our pump line but we do plan on it in the future. As for the Trans-Go valve body and pump repairs we have noticed that across the board many of their "fixes" are not quite what they are made up to be. We use Sonnax upgrades and oversize valves in our rebuilds for that exact reason. Thank you for your post and joining our newly formed web site.
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