09d -- hard shift around 2nd gear after valve body replacement

Posted: 8 years ago Quote
I have the value body on for more than 3 month and drove more than 3000 kms, the only issue left is hard shift to 2nd gear. When shifting from 1 to 2 sometimes it's quite delayed, and when it finally shifted it's like a big push from the behind. Also still have the 3-2 down shift bang sometimes. When the vehicle is cold or hot, mostly it's fine, big bangs or delays happened when the car is between cold and hot. (some times when it's hot 1-2 hard shift still happens though, just not as often). I also noticed that the 1-2 hard shift usually happens when I'm driving up hills.  I have reset the throttle and TCM a couple times and noticed the process of relearning because I can feel the difference each time after the reset.

The 3-2 bang feels like the 5-4 bang, but it shouldn't be the solenoid, right? I believe the VB has all the solenoid replaced, not only the the ones related to 5-4, right? And for the pressure value (if there is such a thing) you might not replace it but you have tested it and it's ok, right?

I trust your work and this is not anything "questioning in doubt":) I'm just trying to narrow down the possible cause and I hope you could give me some advise or confirmation so I can focus on right direction. I'm thinking of redo the ATF and filter (did replaced a new one, but not from vw), and replace all the bolts holding the VB which I shouldn't have reused the old ones. I also feel this has a lot to do with the engine RPM so cleaning the throttle is also on my list. Base on your experience could you please point me to a right direction or give me some suggestions? Any comment or advise is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Posted: 8 years ago Quote
I have done another ATF change and just to confirm everything in my part was done right. I recorded the logs for the working conditions of the solenoids, and found out all the issues is around N283. I do trust your work and repetition, however, this time I would like to try another unit to make sure.

Can you send me another VB for a replacement? I can pay for the shipping, for the second VB you can charge me a deposit and release the fund when you receive the old one.  

I will give you a call tomorrow.
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